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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

World cup comes to an end for me!!!

Maybe not officially............but wid the exit of Newzealand WC ends for me!!
i thot i ll update my blog on 28th celebrating kiwis winnin the cup!!i m sure lots of u ll will disagree wid my belief in thm!!but if their is one team 2day in world cricket who evn tho r lacking in resorces........but still performs excellently is..........NEWZEALAND!!

it broke my heart watchin thm lose!!but i was still not feelin dis lost......coz i knw evn reachin semis is an achievement in itself!!tho i wud ve loved to see thm lifting d cup for another reason thn dey r my fav team n definitely deserving as well!dat reason was dat dis most probably was last WC stephen Fleming was playin!!for a person who has given so much to not just nzl cricket but World cricket.....it certainly wud ve been a very well earned reward!
sm1 who was no doubt the most shrewd n calculating captain cricket has evr seen!!an example of his intelligence was seen in recent super 8 match against srilanka!tho dey lost the match but stephen made sure dat dis has very lil impact on deir NRR!!so if the worst case scenario happens thn deir NRR will get thm to semis!!

stephen fleming has always had a special place in my heart!!tho i m quite smitten by dere left arm spinner..........but it was stephen who made me fall in love wid the whole nzl team!!n in turn my crush for a long tym!!tho Stephen is also very good lookin but i was attracted to him coz of his presence on field!
i knw ppl will always be against my decision of supportin nzl team rather thn India!!but i cud never support a team just for the sake of thm being my home team!!
my support for nzl goes beyond 10 yrs!!n dats only coz dey are hard wrkng lot!!dey r a gr8 example of not just team spirit but also playin game in gud spirit!!

Stephen is leaving a hollow behind him.......if Dan becomes captain thn he has a lot to prove!filling stephen's shoes wont be easy!for 10 yrs he has captained d team.......it has become quite hard to imagine sm1 else in his place!!but i m sure danny will do gud....after all he has been groomed for dis post for years.....dat too under stephen!!

Stephen's presence on field was amazing!sm1 u cant help but respect,n thn wonder how does he make evrythng look so easy!like he knew dat was goin to happen!!
he is player not just his own team mates but also lot of other player look upto!


it will be very different fellin to see him on field.....just as a batsman........not the captain!!

we r sooo gonna miss you!

good luck!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Striaght from heart!!

hmmmm for ppl who knw i ll never come across as a person who thinks a lot!!not dat ppl arnd me thinks i m dumb(which obviously m not, incase u were wonderin!;))!!but they wud never believe dat at 1am in d morning i ll be thinking abt thm n sneakin a look in my life, thinkin how important or not dey r to me!!

b4 any of u, who knws me gets, angry.........lemme assure u guys dat all of u r important to me.........to those who dont knw me u guys r also important to me,dat too for 2 reasons!!one u guys r readin my blog :P..............n second......my frenz n u guys r the reason dat i m writin 2day!!

i was wonderin how ppl in general affect us!!
one thing is for sure evrytym we come across sm1 we ve our own(i mean u cant ve ne other person's) perception of dem.........n thn we start expecting things frm thm!!

these expectation cud be nethng frm dem expecting u to say hi(usually in case of meeting sm1 for first tym), or expecting u to do gud in exams or job(ppl who care abt you...most of the tym parents, siblings, frenz), evn sm ppl will be expecting u to drop dead(dont evn think abt denying it....if not dead thn atleast sm injury.....no matter physical or mental)!
wat wud our lyf wud ve been if these guys were not thr.........yes maybe we wud ve never felt ne pressure......like to look gud or excel in watevr we do! BUT thn wud we had felt the same sense of achievment?? like in case of job whn u r promoted no doubt dat u r very happy......but how wud u ve felt if thr was no one to share this happiness with!!i mean if ppl dont expect nethng frm u den dey wont care wud dey??

if i was in the situation i can say for sure dat i wud ve felt lost, disappointed, evn unwanted at times!!
evry1 arnd me irrespective of wat dey except frm me.....makes me want to become better individal!!n its not for just sm selfish reason but coz i care abt ppl who love me......ppl i knw,who will always be thr no matter wat i m!! for ppl who disapprove of me.......to show thm wat i m......how m i a better thn dey evr will be!!;)

its not a moral lesson.......but give ppl arnd u a min!!b4 complainin dat dey r puttin you under pressure, expectin too much to do well in lyf........just imagine wat if dey dey never cared!!

But dont forget dat whn u expecting smthng frm others.........be sweet to thm!!
dont expect too much(not hypocrisy dear......just put urself in dere shoes)........n let thm knw dat u care n will always be there!
let thm knw how imp dey r to u!!

like every1 arnd me is to me!

god bless


P.S.thnx for readin evn whn i m being my crazy self!!