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Saturday, June 16, 2012


we want rewards for everything we do.........something in return of our every little action. take for example FB status : if i have taken the pains to update my status then i should be rewarded with likes and comments. Then those likes and comments should be rewarded with the acknowledgement ie. in turn further comments and like and chain goes on and on. Try cooking someday if someone other than yourself does not appreciate it than the entire world is thankless because rewards are like stamps, an approval, we need from others that what we are doing is right. now rewards are like shoes they come in different sizes , and others always get a better deal. Size 1 is being rewarded less than we deserve, the most common type for oneself, size 2 is being rewarded more than what we deserve , always true for others and last size is just right , and like in shoes its a myth. no matter how much we receive we hope for some more, got a 100% in a subject well it would have been better to get 100% in other subjects too. Got that, maybe a medal in sports? Neighbor's daughter got 95% , it must be a fluke she dint work as hard as your own chintu but she has better luck than chintu. why are we so possessive about these rewards why do we want the best one for ourselves, there are thousands of people who deserve to live but die everyday, what abt their reward?? cant we for one day in our life rewards someone who really needs it, if u expect a reward for that ....... GR8! but only after doing the deed! And believe me the reward you will receive for it would be JUST RIGHT! like like sexy but uncomfortable heel (shoes for guys??) you have been eyeing, but a very cushioned comfortable version of it. hope some of it made sense, anyyyyy........who... what abt some comments as my reward?? ;)


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