i am what i am!!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Change is funny thing!

Have you ever felt that when your life was moving ahead that a part of you were left behind..........you did realize it then, but dint care enough. But now when you are in same situation, place you dont feel that deja vu, you feel.....oops! or maybe some other feeling along the same lines.

Much has changed in last one year for me.....got my first job.....left my first job! and now trying to find another :P i left by choice though i know it wasnt the right decision because as the theory goes never leave your current job unless you have something else in hand but in practical when you dont enjoy your work, or people as in my case i dont see any point in continuing.

i have realized i dont write often anymore...no i m not talkin abt my blog i guess i ve always been irregular at that but otherwise as well. after leavin my job i recently moved back home discovered some old writing and drawings. Still love what i drew but after reading what i ve wrote.........i cant stop laughin. i had a diary and boy o boy i wrote everything in there. things that should probably never be there in writing.....lol! But the irony is though i know i should probably burn that thing to save myself from humiliation i cant. the innocence in those words is lost..... i hope not for forever but currently it does not exist, the faith and the optimism is bleak. and that notebook is like a memoir of what i was.

oh well i guess things change, people change ........not for good always but neither for worse.