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Monday, March 31, 2008

I VE GOT THE POWER...........

few days ago while coming back from shoppin smthng happened thought i should share!

i was crossing road near to where i live! its a very busy road so i usually wait for traffic lights to turn red before crossing(thr is no pedestrian light:( )so while waitin i saw a old fellow at the middle section of the road! he was carryin sm baggage n a few times tried crossing the road but none of the cars slowed down enough to let him cross! to be honest some of thm sped up! well finally he did cross it! n thn after i reached the middle section imagine my surprise whn some cars slowed down n one completely come to a halt so that i could cross!:O

i dint knw to how to feel abt the incidence...........freaked out or just laugh at the sheer stupidity!

n b4 i ve moral police breathin down my neck let me assure every1 i was fully clothed top to bottom! a no nonsense maroon tee with blue denims n flats!

perhaps it was just GIRL POWER!!;)