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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After a long long time........................

well its true dat i m updating this blog after a very long time! i guess i was so caught up in everything dat i dint get tym to fulfill my commitments to certain stuff! this blog being one!

a lot of things happen during this period some gud, some bad and some downryt ugly!

every one of us at some point in our lives is required to make decisions! not decision regarding wat pizza/burger to order or wat to or not to wear! but BIG ones!

these decisions either make a lot of things or break a lot of things! like career, relationships, smtyms money.............n such!
everyone starts expecting from u to take ryt decision!n the whole expectation puts us under so much pressure!
but we cant b ryt everytym can we b? why does it become a crime to b wrong smtyms? i agree its gud if we take ryt decision at the ryt time but is that all?
we dont learn unless we make mistakes ryt? but thn why r the mistakes frowned upon?

increasingly i ve observed dat 2day the value of human is decided on the basis of value of his possesion! maybe dats why we are expected to be best at everythng we do! after all everyone want to see herself/himself ryt on the top of the social ladder!

but we shudnt forget some decision at some point of time will also affect the human within us.........our soul! n dat one decision will decide maybe not how much money we will make but how gud or bad human we are! n DAT i believe is one decision we shud worry about! coz if we take up the wrong path here.............

dont look for role models whn u can be one urself!
be successful, earn lot of maney its not bad! but just dont forget to be a HUMAN!