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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i m done with it..........

my days in mumbai are ending..........and so is my resolve to stay in this city!! a s i ve mentioned it was never my fave city.......
but after my mentor today said that my project is not upto the mark.......... i dun think i wanna spend another minute in this city!
two months of hard work gone down the drain in 2 min of his review! i knw if if it is not upto the mark thn maybe i shud just try to do smthng abt it but frankly i feel so tired! my head, legs and arms are hurting and i cant focus on work nemre! 2 mnths of continuous sincere work.........with out any support from my said mentor! he is a guy who at times wud not even talk to me straight! i did odd jobs in office with my prjct without any objection! the types u ask a secretatry to do!
whn i ask for support his reply was always i cant help u go your way abt it...and when i do u reject my work!

it s like sm1 has taken away my two mnths which i could have spent learning so much!
alas! i get back to work and raise my standard of prjct.........but with no mre passion to motivate me to do it.........i just look forward to get done with it!


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