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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new beginning.........but same old stories!

boy time sure flies!! cant believe one week of 2008 is already over!!

it sure looks to be an interesting year...........n actually all new years are always interesting......................they r just so.ummmm.....NEW!:D

okay enuf wid my Pjs!

but on a serious note 2007 was pretty interesting! i learned so much, i took things in life seriously(.......okk i tried hard to get serious n did managed a few times.......I swear), spend good times wid frenz and family, had a bit of up and downs but all in all pretty gud year! n from last two years i ve ended year on perfect note............newzealand wining a cricket match under danny’s captaincy!(yayyy!!!!)

its hard to believe that a year has already passed! it looks like yday! but thn i cant deny that so many things changed! and so many dint!

ppl’s viewpoint dint change! the crime rates dint change.......actually they did .......they went up!!
still the gals are seen as an object of lust not normal human!!
and it was quite clear by what happened in Mumbai on new year’s!

n to top it off i overheard these two guys saying that its a girls fault! they invite trouble........they like to show off..........if they would be a bit decent(one of the guys exact words) than nothing of this sort would happen!

now i want to know if 40 gals surround these two guys is it really tough for them to take off every single cloth of their bodies?? or if six gals get together cant they gang rape a guy?? or how difficult it would be for a 30+ to rape a 8 yr old boy??

i hope u understand what i m trying to say..........its most of the time cowards who take advantage of a victim being in vulnerable situation! nothing gr8 about it definitely......but yes savagely.
its very easy to look at anyone with lust or degrade their dignity but it takes courage of highest level to respect! a courage most will lack!!

i m not a preacher...........but its important to understand that our acts in lyf are like boomerang! what we do comes back to us! good comes back as good and sometimes better but bad always comes back as worse!


lets hope this year we see some positive changes!