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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i m done with it..........

my days in mumbai are ending..........and so is my resolve to stay in this city!! a s i ve mentioned it was never my fave city.......
but after my mentor today said that my project is not upto the mark.......... i dun think i wanna spend another minute in this city!
two months of hard work gone down the drain in 2 min of his review! i knw if if it is not upto the mark thn maybe i shud just try to do smthng abt it but frankly i feel so tired! my head, legs and arms are hurting and i cant focus on work nemre! 2 mnths of continuous sincere work.........with out any support from my said mentor! he is a guy who at times wud not even talk to me straight! i did odd jobs in office with my prjct without any objection! the types u ask a secretatry to do!
whn i ask for support his reply was always i cant help u go your way abt it...and when i do u reject my work!

it s like sm1 has taken away my two mnths which i could have spent learning so much!
alas! i get back to work and raise my standard of prjct.........but with no mre passion to motivate me to do it.........i just look forward to get done with it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

mumbai local...........

MY 2 months in Mumbai are coming to an end! Frankly it is so not my favourite city. Everyone says it is difficult to match the fast paced & hard life of Mumbai......... maybe it is ......but this fast pace is not because we need it here to survive........NO SIR...........but because people here have made it a part of their life unnecessarily (don’t bash me for sayin it). And hard ...... agn because we like it that way! Every mrng the mad rush to get into local frankly I ve never missed one for too much crowd and I travel in peak hours from a station whr 15-20 other females take the local with me(for first class compartment believe me 15 is a HUGE number.......it a small compartment with place for only 13 females to sit......rest of us stand) and evn if we dun mindlessly try to rush and hop onto the train I still dun think it wud make much difference. Just maybe we wont hurt sm1 in the process. Similarly AfTER u get onboard the HARD life doesn’t end sm1 or other wud either comment that I shud not carry a back pack bcoz it takes too much space(Well I paid lot of money for that bag I would take it anywhr I want................umm not to forget that I cant do without my laptop....all info in that little black box:P) if not me thn they wud be fightin on why sm1 arm is touching their bag(well I m pressed b/w a bunch of females and let me tell u it never fails to creep u out....... not to forget that I keep praying that plz god let thm all be straight...........nothin angst gays I swear but it wud be kinda creepy is sm female touches me intentionally ) I mean imagine a train compartment packed no place to stand and dear ladies fighting that one arm is touching a bag that doen not belong to the owner of the arm......! when I can only guess whr my own, my VERY OWN, PRECIOUS arm is!crazy it is!!
And today one of the very respectable aunty ji was looking at me top to bottom( I refuse to believe she was chkin me out........)she started mumbling smthng under her breath.......prbbly just sayin a prayer for me;)! very nice aunty ji I must admit......she was no way trying to jinx me, I m pretty sure!!
Well maybe it is a lil hard but thn we can try to take it easy! Try to be a lil more tolerate, smile a lil, try not to kill every1 on ur way home/office! Coz with all the (cat)fights happening every day I have seen thm becoming friends because they travel in same local! They make plans to meet on weekends, share recipes, have heard a few of thm singing together!
Well after spending two mnths here it is still not on my favourite places list...............but I guess I have to admit Mumbai is nonetheless a interesting place;)
I guess there are goin to be more blog post abt Mumbai from me! If sm1 is still readin this blog..................thank you so much for not abandoning it............please comment if u have ever been to Mumbai and share ur experience!

p.s. I took the pic yday at marine drive..........!! not bad eh??