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Friday, May 15, 2009

INDIA ON TOP........... :)

So national geographic puts India right on top of their second annual greendex survey........
To know more about the survey visit
or pick a copy of 2day’s TOI!
so all those times u got on that bus/local train/carpool to save time and money u helped in making your planet greener........... It’s funny that all my cribbing about taking local everyday (m in Mumbai till end of June) is suddenly a very happy feeling for me!! Now I m feeling rather proud (ego inflation) that I m helping in keeping earth greener!! Also I m going to tell all my non vegetarian friends how THEY are contributing towards degrading the environment! ;)
Apart from it I want to reflect that how lack of resources is keeping us from adding in to global environmental trouble, or how because of religious sentiments or other reasons a sizable Indian population is vegetarian. It means or rather I assume that we are on top by default NOT by design.
And suddenly the inflated ego goes KABOOM!!!!!
We are helping the environment unknowingly but I wish we could do more about it. Like not using plastic bags, reusing that same plastic bag again and again, switching from bulbs to CFLs, and lot of other ways we already are aware of. Small things make big difference!
I am not a preacher plus as I mentioned earlier its not even a subject that needs preaching. We are aware of what all can be done and how we can contribute............
Knowledge is there; only thing we lack is action!
Have good day.......!!


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