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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bann of a different sorts!

Recently two schools in mumbai banned students frm mingling with each other. Or if i be specific thn two Co Ed schools in the ,financial capital of India , metro city Mumbai, banned their students from evn touching the opposite sex. Reason ..........they want to discipline the students, who r overexposed to violence n vulgarity on TV these days! I dunno what but Smthng tells me that banning TV s might ve been more effective. I mean how do you expect students studying together to follow it?? half of us ve habit to shake hands whn we meet frenz.

But what i dont understand is school's reaon r they sayin tht everytym opposite sexes shake hands it leads to sexual encounters??how is a handshake or a friendly hug is categorized as vulgar??

what happened to school being the first instituition where a kid learns abt outside world? These kind of immature decision will lead to nothing but they ll make kids vulnerable whn they step in the outside world.

Also is it right to forget the Fact that Humans r naturally curious creatures? If the fruit is forbidden we gotta eat it. I think instead nething good it only spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E.


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