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Sunday, March 18, 2007

hey peeps!!

well being a Indian i dont think its possible for me to not post about cricket!!!
specially whn WC is goin on!!:D

hmm quite a disappointing start for India!!i m sure every1 out thr agrees widme!
played bad.........Indians lost the match!!Bangla definitely outplayed them in all areas!!so u have to give them credit for it!!! but my take on WC has to be a lil diff!!so i m not gonna talk talk abt this match.u guys can find about it just by switchin on ur tv!!

but in this whole shameful defeat of India not just shadowed Bangla’s fab play but also another match.......Pak vs Ireland! Pakistan is out of the WC in first stage n Ireland doin first major upset or the tournament! Ireland played gud............fantastic fielding........gr8 catches.......good bowling.....n batting!! in short Pak was no match for Irish! n i cant help but mentionin Johnston's catch was a killer!!:D chk out urself>>>>

but these two matches once again bring up the discussion dat shud associate teams play in WC??
Aussie skipper ponting can say no to it widout much thought but these kinda matches present a different story!

also after Zim vs Ireland(once again!!) tie i heard an so called expert sayin dat Zimbabwe does not deserve test playin status if they cant beat a minnow!my ques to you sir is................should we allow Pakistan to play tests??now dat they lost to Ireland......atleast Zim managed a draw!!n wat about India??one of the major contenders for the cup this year losing to Bangladesh!!tho they r improving(ie bangla......incase u were thinkin India!!;)) but still i wud be lying if i say dat i anticipated this result!i guess no one did!
heck all i was anticipating was a close contest!!thats it!

think about it people...............after these matches do we ve ne right to say dat these teams dont deserve to play in WC?? after last nite i have to say that if ne1 do its them!! these r the team who r here to prove themselves n till now they ve done a pretty impressive job!!

Good luck guys!! keep it up! HATS OFF TO U GUYS!!!

n b4 i go I shud also mention NZL(yay!!!go kiwis!!!) won their match against England!! well played boys! ;)

umm did i mention NZL is ma fav team!!

n Thank you Hershelle Gibbs for great entertainment!


Njoi the WC!!

‘J’ ;)


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