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Monday, October 23, 2006


its one of ma fav festivals. In case u dont know wat it is u can always google the word ‘diwali’.........u ll get loads of info on it!!
i wud ve luved to brief all of those who ve no idea abt this festival but thn this post will be way much longer thn i wud like to write......but i can tell u dat this is one of the major festival of hindus!! (so now u know one more thing abt me, actually two, one i m a hindu by religion & second i m an indian!! )
but i think ppl spend unneccesary money on diwali.........on fire crackers, sweets (though i dont mind chocolates!!), presents & all! i mean i m not against it but i think we shud keep a chk over our expenditure!! & i believe all of us can do with sm less show off on diwali!!
personally i m against all fire cracker stuff!! i ven’t lit a cracker since i was 12 yrs or so! but thn the prob is none of the indians can imagine diwali without it............
my fav thing on diwali is all the diyas (oil lamps), candles & rangoli........
very clean & pretty way to celebrate............
so as u can guess i spend my diwali decorating my home with above three things & sm wall & door hangings i made myself!! & lemme tell u it was way much fun thn those polluting & noisy crackers!!
But one thing u ve got to luv abt diwali is u get to meet lot of ppl u ven’t met in a long time bcoz of smthing or the other!! i absolutely enjoyed it......: )

another thing u r gonna luv is the day following diwali...... ‘ Gowardhan puja’
dat day in my family we prepare special ‘prasad’. It include ‘kadi’, very spicy ‘Mix veg ’ & ‘ rice’ or ‘bajra’. I absolutely luv this lunch!!
& after dat ..........one of the fav festival of all sis.........‘Bhaiya duj’!!
wat a way to end diwali!!

hope all of u also enjoyed ur diwali & hope all the sisters will enjoy bhaiya duj 2mmorow!!

with these wishes think its time to end this post!! i promise my nxt post will be much more interesting!!

till thn



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