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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sharad Powar incident!!

I m sure evry1 who follows cricket must know wat m i takin abt.........but incase u dunno..........MANNNN!! u r soo lucky to be saved of all the useless babbling of news channels!!

i believe dat indian media had blown this incident way out of proportions!!!
i agree dat Damien Martyn did nudged 'powar' off the stage but these kinda things happens whn u r excited! atleast it happens wid me all the time......like whn smthing gud is on air ,& sm1 comes & stands in front of tv or me evn i do push, nudge or shove(choose ur adjective on basis on how cruel u want to be to me) them aside so i can see tv!! & i m sure dat aussies were excited to finally lift the Champions Trophy!!
So i think dat media was too hard on aussies to call thm egoistical, arrogant, rude, Bighead or watevr!!

Incidentally same media forgot to mention dat same day same arrogant, rude....blah,blah aussies helped the grounds men to dry the field so dat the play can resume early!! well i dont remember media labelling thm angels, gentlemen or smthing along the lines!

but the funniest part came after 'Mr. Powar' changed his statement........to whom earlier the whole incident was NO BIG DEAL!.........was now callin aussies uncivilised & impolite(i wonder wat made him realise DAT!!)
& the same media who was SO considerate abt our very own BCCI Chief..........went all sarcastic on him.........

now after incidents like this & many other(take raakhi saawant& mika's for example)i wonder wats more DRAMATIC......... our daily soaps or these news reports!!

Give it a thought & lemme knw!!


'J' :)


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