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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Other side of life!!

let me tell u a story!!

I live in delhi (dunno if i mentioned it earlier or not)..........n arnd 2 yrs ago i had to take a bus all the way to ma coll.........!
well it was used to be smwhr arnd a 2hr ride :(! i still complain bout those days.............tho now its better wid metro!:)
one incidence changed ma perspective towards life!!
One day this very poor lady wid her daughter boarded the bus!!not the first time i ve seen a poor.................But first time I realized how hard n cruel life cud be to you!

the lil girl was wearin a piece of thread folded 3-4 times in her ear instaed of an earring!
I dunno why, but this simple fact dat she is just too poor to evn afford a piece of jewelry for her hit me hard! i mean think about it how much wud it cost?? well i once bought a pair of studs for 25 bucks(junk jewelry!!) now if she go for smthing simple i m sure it wud not cost more thn 10 bucks or evn less! but she simply couldnā€™t afford it!!

i m sure to most of u i m not making much sense! I mean almost all of us wud agree tht evn if she or her parents wud ever had any money they wud probably spend it to buy sm extra food rather thn on smthing as useless as an earring!

but it didnt stopped her frm getting her ear pierced! Or trying to make an earring of thread!

i dunno why it affected me but i can say for sure it surely made grateful to god, my parents, sisters, frenz, every1!

Grateful for the things................luxuries I m livin wid!!

grateful tht i can afford 3 meals evryday(tho i skip my meals quite frequently..............but I appreciate the option of skippin having been thr!)

I wont say I became all wise after it! Or that now I ve stopped spending on eating out or movies or parties or nething!
but yes it made me realize wht my life cud ve been!!

i dunno the purpose of writing!! except tht i felt the need to share it!

Good day!



  • only people with conscience wud contemplate on such thoughts ... bt to think of it the other way round ... we all have our moments in life where we take a break and analyse our actions ... so wat u experienced is very much natural and we all go thru this ... n u dnt need a reason to look for before sharin this with us ... m glad that people who look at life with such perspective still exist in this mechanical wheel of time ... :)

    By Blogger Zeus, At 12:40 PM, March 07, 2008  

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