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Friday, February 22, 2008

One for all, All for one!!

From past month all of s have been reading abt raj thackrey’s comment on no-maharashtrians livin in maharashtra. I definitely am against on watevr he said!n truly can never care wat he will in future coz ppl with such limited mental capacity will never be able to grow out of thr prejudice.

Born and bought up in delhi I ve never experienced any single culture limited to just one region diff areas in delhi do have ppl in high concentration from same region n will speak their own language, celebrate their own culture but I dun remember whn I had a prob wid it. Right fom the school I had read abt India being a country wid a rich n diverse culture so accepted as a quintessential part of India.

Never in my life I had ne1 askin or telling me to not mingle wid ppl frm diff culture or religion. Nd I rather enjoy learning abt diff culture so it was more of honest effort to try to mingle up wid everyone.

But a recent incident really shook me. I understood how sm1 livin in a diff city lives in insecurity of not being in a more familiar place. I was at pizza hut with my sister celebrating her new job.:) after a healthy dose(as healthy as shoppin gets!!) of shoppin two of us were real hungry. N pizza sounded just perfect. Now both of us have certain outlets of pizza hut of our choice whr we knw service is always top notch. It was just another day at one of those. But as the luck wud have it the the guy who was serving us was a bit distracted. While I was placing the order he disappeared!K dint knw how to react I asked him if he has sm prob. He looked like a lil college kid so I also added I understand if his interest does not lie in his job but he shud do it wid full commitment. N off handedly we asked frm whr is he……….his reply pushed both of right on the guilt path! First he dint understand English much so watevr I said went ryt up his head. N thn he said he is frm haryana n knws his only fault is dat he does not belong to a big city.
I was shocked. I felt so low in front of him. Tho I repeatedly apologized for unintentionally hurtin him nd evn left him a note with the the payment dat “ the religion n region one belongs to can never define a person. Be proud of urself n best of luck!” he did forive me me(i think) coz he did say sorry for not payin attention and also dat he wud like to see us visit agn!(u bet i m gonna go thr agn, just so dat i can make guys thr understand i ve no prob wid ne1 one livin in delhi)but it mademe realize dat evn 2day we haven’t rise above our differences. Before being an Indian we are marathi or gujju or delhiite thn we have our respective religions to define us.how come sm1 livin here to earn his livelihood cannot belong to the city?? its just not fair to tell thm dat u do not belong! its as much belong to him as it does to me!

But these all divide us, separate us. Lets give humanity a chance lets say for once we are humans.period. no Indian, American or English. Just HUMAN! Tht is whn all of us wud truly stand united.




  • hi......nice blog!

    By Blogger Sahefa, At 12:52 PM, February 23, 2008  

  • Nice post. But you know what, it is only a minority which has problems with caste, creed & all that crap.

    The rest of us seem to get along pretty well.

    By Blogger Karthik, At 11:15 PM, February 24, 2008  

  • When you are different its normal to feel insecure as change is hard to digest by anyone. The incident you mentioned would have done him a lot good if you hadn't apologized to him. You gave him respect as a human to have told him your issue perhaps you being the customer you had a right to express your displeasure. Cities by their very nature are competitive and he has to learn how to survive here. Perhaps learning English is just a part of it.

    By Blogger Sushant, At 11:49 PM, February 24, 2008  

  • We are people.....Period, pretty much like that!!!Interesting posts.....

    By Blogger Ayesha, At 4:42 PM, February 26, 2008  

  • Hey
    Do read my latest post

    By Blogger Sahefa, At 2:29 PM, March 01, 2008  

  • very nicely written :)

    you know what when this raj thackery controversy was hitting the nation...i told one of my friend that i hate him and he said that its not his fault,its amar singh fault without knowing what raj thackey did.i was so annoyed that day. :D

    i guess many people will learn something from your story.

    By Blogger sourav, At 1:52 PM, March 02, 2008  

  • Aha !!!
    Just jotted down my second post after landing in Delhi. But I do not call my latest "post" a post. It is just like a headliner thats all and nothing more than that..
    Yup missed your posts also...Anyway you are in Delhi right shall meet up once ..
    Take care

    By Blogger Soul, At 3:11 PM, March 16, 2008  

  • Do read my latest post.

    By Blogger Sahefa, At 4:33 PM, March 16, 2008  

  • tht s so true! very well written!

    By Blogger Matangi Mawley, At 11:09 PM, March 28, 2008  

  • hey i agree wid you
    we represent our culture our lifestyl our family our wrld of happiness thingz cannot change coz of de place were you live eew datz sick india ....i think mr thakrey has no idea abt de constitution or civics typ ki koi chheeze hoti hia....thanxx fr sharing a personell xperience

    By Blogger suvaiba, At 11:10 PM, March 29, 2008  

  • hey,
    Nice post.
    It is easy to ask people to be human..but c'mon tis oh-so-real that people hardly remember what HUMANITY is ow was..like take an example of a new student whose joined your class recently..and like he/she is from some village..then just ask yourself..you'd tease him..keep passing comments when he'd speak english [which would be not so fluent]..sitting there and feeling sorry for that Haryanvi chap is of least good..'cos how many people can you keep apologising for not bein' able to keep up with the place he's living/studying/working in??..but on the flipside it is natural for him to feel so..and like having the inferiority complex gets you down in the dumps [deprssion n shit]..so like you gotta have some self respect..and confidence..
    And seriously I prefer guys who try to speak english..and are unsucessful in the product of it..and then say..it really hilariously!!..lol..no..no offence.
    But atleast they got the competitive kinda thingie when they're living in metros..but jo bhi

    Pretty good..keep it up!!
    Hope to recieve more comments on my blog from you!


    By Blogger AaYuShI, At 3:11 PM, April 10, 2008  

  • nice piece.. but unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. But i'm sure we will get there.. :)

    By Blogger Prithvi, At 4:45 PM, November 07, 2008  

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